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Educational Framework

The Goddard School’s curriculum focuses on the following Learning Domains, ensuring your child develops the 4Cs—communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity—leading to learning independence and school readiness for your child.




Self-Development: Approaches to Learning, Self-Awareness, Personal Expression, and Confidence

Executive Function: Working Memory, Planning & Organization, and Cognitive F.L.EX.® ibility

Social Development: Collaboration, Cooperation, Resolving Conflict, and Empathy

Home-School Connection: Applying Knowledge, Understanding Progress & Development, and Communication & Connections



Operations & Algebraic Thinking: Problem Solving, Equating, and Operations

Understanding Numbers: Counting, Place Value, and Sequencing

Measurement & Data: Rules of Measuring, Comparison, Time & Money, and Interpretation

Geometry: Knowledge of Shapes and Reasoning with Shape & Attributes



Inquiry: Methods of Inquiry, Collection & Analysis, Reasoning

Scientific Thinking: Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and Predicting

Areas of Science: Biology, Earth & Space, Natural Science, Environment, and Matter & Energy

Using Technology: Purpose & Type, Creativity & Expression, Information & Communication, and Safe Use



Core Reading Skills: Emerging Reading, Key Ideas & Details, and Integration of Knowledge

Language Development: Vocabulary, Listening Skills, Verbal Expression, and Standards of English

Phonological Awareness: Phonics, Print Knowledge, Word Recognition, and Fluency

Written Expression: Text Type & Purpose, Production, Expression, and Presentation



Gross Motor Skills: Movement & Direction, Speed & Balance, and Fitness & Exercise

Sportsmanship: Following Directions, Understanding Consequences, Games & Sports Play

Healthy Habits: Following Rules, Safety, Nutrition, Self-Help, and Hygiene

Fine Motor Skills: Writing, Drawing & Painting, Manipulation, and Hand-Eye Coordination



Creative Development: Types of Media, Colors & Shapes, Expression in Media, and Art & Artists

Music & Movement: Dance, Songs & Singing, Instruments, Sounds & Symbols, and Music in Culture

Dramatic Expression: Storytelling, Acting & Role Playing, and Performance & Media

Blocks & Sculpture: Creative Sculpture, Design, and Building



Families & Community: Relationships, Jobs & Community, and Economics

Government: Citizenship, Rules & Responsibility, and Rights & Voting

History & Culture: Traditions & Observances, History & Events, and Cultures & Languages

Geography: Maps, Countries & Continents, Natural Resources, and Geographic Concepts