{OFFERING The Best Childhood Preparation for Social and Academic Success.}


Every Goddard School location is purposely designed as a creative and fun environment to inspire exploration and play – lovingly led by highly trained childcare professionals

All Goddard families enjoy special benefits as a result of our unique features:


Distinctive Management Model

Every Goddard School is co-led by a director responsible for educational curriculum and childhood development programming, and by an owner who leads all other activities so each family has a wonderful experience.
Every Goddard School owner is actively present and dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of quality and service are delivered.

Clean, Secure & Modern Facilities

Each Goddard School is part of a national organization that is a recognized leader in early childhood development. As part of this organization, every Goddard School is held to extremely high standards for cleanliness and security while continually upgrading its facilities to the most modern state possible.

Continual Assessment, Improvement & Support

The Goddard School employs experts focused on regularly assessing every school against high standards and providing helpful guidance about how each one can continue to improve for the benefit of its children and their families.