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Concord (Coddle Creek Market) Reviews & Recognition

The love and commitment of our Goddard families inspires us every day. To help make each child’s learning experiences the best they can be, we are always happy to listen when parents share their expectations. Here’s what our families have to say.

Supportive environment, kind caring compassionate teachers, great curriculum.

Lyllie Charlize's Father

Toddler Classroom

Great school and people!

Mariah's Father

Toddler Classroom

Goddard is fantastic. For the past two years they have taken wonderful care of my daughter. She knows and loves every adult she comes into contact with. She’s 2 and always talks about wanting to see her teachers when she isn’t there. Goddard has also done a great job during the virus - they communicate well to parents, clean everything well, and do what they can to support their teachers and us (the families). I couldn’t recommend Goddard enough! Thank you for all you do for our family!

Melanie Lynne's Mother

Toddler Classroom

Love it :)

Gavin's Father

Toddler Classroom

Very accommodating. Safe. Educational and structured, but fun creative too.

Sophie & Maxwell's Mother

Toddler Classroom

Our son very very rarely comes home upset about his day at school. He is constantly learning and always happy to go back. That speaks volume on how we feel about The Goddard school

Parker's Father

Pre-K Classroom

My son loves his school, the teachers are great, and I feel like he really started growing academically within the first week of being there. I also appreciate the pictures throughout the day.

Keegan's Mother

Pre-K Classroom

I am very grateful for our Goddard family. They have done an amazing job adapting during this pandemic. The check in process is smooth, they do a great job of keeping classrooms clean and encouraging good hand hygiene. My kids are happy, healthy and growing by leaps and bounds in the environment they’ve created. I love the teachers who all encourage a love of learning with so many diverse topics.

Ingrid & Oliver's Mother

Pre-K Classroom

Caring staff and open, clear communication about happenings make us feel like our child is in a safe learning environment.

Emmalene & Sloane's Father

Infant Classroom

The staff is all very friendly, and the teachers are great. My son is very advanced already and we haven’t been there a full year yet. The money definitely pays off!

Axton's Mother

Toddler Classroom

I really enjoy the enthusiasm of all the teachers and care givers. They make the children feel very special. The activities are great, and the Owner / Directors are very kind, patient, and overall good people.

Ashlan & Jordyn 's Father

Toddler Classroom

Malvika, Dee, and their staff really care about the children. They've handled the COVID-19 era very well and taken appropriate steps to protect our three girls and all of their classmates. There are always opportunities for improvement, but their commitment has been highly commendable during a really difficult time in the world right now. Our litmus test is always whether the children enjoy going to school each day, and our girls definitely do. So, that's all that matters!

Savannah & Felicity & Mariah's Father

Preschool Classroom

I like that the owner is on campus each day. Both director, assistant director, and owner are extremely approachable and welcoming. I love my child's teachers as they all seem to genuinely love her and enjoy teaching her. The school seems to have clear policies and expectations in place for daily operations from cleaning to instruction. The most important piece is that my child enjoys going to school each day. My child LOVES her teacher and talks about her all the time.

Charlotte's Mother

Preschool Classroom

Cleanliness and personal attention towards each kid

Pranav's Mother

Pre-K Classroom

Very well- structured, organized, clean, friendly teachers/ staff. Fantastic curriculum. Love the STEAM program. My 4 yr old son really thrived there!

Aleena & Ezaan's Father

Pre-K Classroom

Teacher for our child is great. The school is very clean. She has learned a lot since going there and it's only been about 1 month.

Zara's Father

Toddler Classroom

I love how excited my son is to go to school everyday! In the short amount of time he’s been there, he’s already learned so much.

Reed's Mother

Pre-K Classroom

It’s a community atmosphere :-)

Lucas's Mother

Toddler Classroom

Personalized care, everyone feels like family.

Shyam & Sima's Mother

Toddler Classroom

I like how much my son has learned from the Goddard school and he hasn't even been there a year and he so much more vocal.

Matthew's Mother

Toddler Classroom

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